Friday, September 5, 2008


[Also known as Directed Blog One]

Five pieces of art that define me! Ready? Set? GO!!

NOTE: for these pieces of art, I pretty much just raided my photobucket account and folder of 'Stuff That's Awesome.' Which means that I don't have the names of artists for them...or any sources for that matter. If any pictures shown belong to you, please tell me so I can give you the credit you deserve!



For those of you not familiar, this drawing takes characters from the Pokemon series of games and animation and places them in a scene from My Neighbor Totoro, an animated film. This piece embodies my love of combining different...things, for lack of a better word. Whether characters from one story exploring the land of another or a combination of all the sodas at a dispenser, I enjoy the unusual results that come as a result. I suppose this art is related to my love of postmodernism, as well. There's no 'high' or 'low', just art!



Crazy carved crayons? Liz! These represent the 'crazy' in me...I'm random, colorful, and unique, just like this crazy set of crayons. I also believe that art is art no matter what media and what size...which again links to my postmodern beliefs. And every time I've typed the word 'crazy' in this paragraph, I've accidentally slipped a 'Y' between the a and z.



[EDIT: You may (or may not) have noticed that this is a different picture than previously posted. The reason is that I finally found the picture I like best of hers, and HAD to slip it in. Also, the size fits much better into the blog...]
I actually have the name of the artist for this piece, Camille Rose Garcia! I was fortunate enough to have a school trip to see her exhibit when it came to the San Jose Museum of Art last fall, and I was stunned. Her combination of the morbid and cute is a great way to describe my own personality as well--I'm usually bright, happy and can be a bit of a goof, but I have a serious side as well. That seriousness is rarely seen when art is involved...



This is another artwork where I know the artist! Bansky! Simply put, the existence of this piece of graffiti in my list of art that describes me shows my view on the graffiti: art or vandalism conflict. I understand that graffiti is vandalism, but I still think of it as art. Illegal art, but art nonetheless. Should I describe how it describes aspects of my personality? Ok then...the rat pouring toxic waste in a sewer can be connected to my sense of humor and love for ridicule of the government. All good? Great. Moving on...



This final piece, one I most definitely know the creator of, displays what I love and hate about my favorite form of art: comic books. This was drawn by the late Michael Turner, a man who drew women as something OTHER than breasts on legs--something that seems to be everywhere in comics today. I cannot stand seeing women portrayed as such, especially when its almost always men drawing them like that. What I also like about this piece is that he gives his women believable muscle mass, something that many comic artists have...issues with. If you haven't already guessed, my passion lies in comic books and animation, and I hope to work in the field one day. So this is the most important one of all, the piece of artwork that shows what I strive to be in every art class I take.


That said, I'm done! I hope that by completing this assignment I've helped my classmates (and anyone else who happens to be reading this) to better understand myself and my writing style. Because you're going to be hearing quite a bit more from me...


cinapoli said...

Graffiti art and street art have become the biggest rage in teh Art Market these days especially in Berlin!

Jerbear said...

Camille Rose Garcia and Bansky are amazing. And thank you for the comment!